Monday, 2 August 2010

The History of the JB van HDU072.

1971 and "Hercules" is having its first rebuild.


For the recent work, the van was in the restorer's workshop for about 15 months, while they worked on it in their spare time - rolling new side panels, making new door sills & front wheel arches etc.  It had numerous illustrious next-door neighbours during that time including a Ferrari worth about $300,000 , a beautiful Triumph TR2, a Porsch 356,  and a vintage Rolls Royce. The restorers were very amused, ( & so were we ) because most people who visited the workshop ignored all the expensive metalwork at first and walked straight over to the J van to gaze in wonder and admiration 


It's first big public appearance was a rally in January this year, and once again, the organisers placed it betwen two Rolls Royces !!

It's always extrordinary driving around, because the van gets so much attention, waves & smiles from other drivers, children pointing, etc - much more than any contemporary vehicle ever does.